How to get value from Digital Twins

lead by AstraZeneca


We will share key learnings from Digital Twin Implementations in different industries and society.

A Digital Twin is striving to mirror a real-world product, process, system or other entity. Digital Twin means different things to different areas and use cases, and each Digital Twin is as unique as the product or process it represents.

What have we learned from our implemented digital twins? Discuss key learnings from implemented Digital Twin Use cases in both Industry and Society.

Share Learnings, Challenges, Opportunities and Benefits

Moderator: Anders Bergman, Digital Business Transformation Lead, AstraZeneca Sweden Operations

Prof. Jelena Zdravkovic, Head of Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University
Magnus Nydén, Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Technology & Development, AstraZeneca Gothenburg
Caroline Michel, Digital Product Owner, AstraZeneca Sweden Operations
Jonas Romfelt, Senior Director Product Development, Water Infrastructure