On the journey to global 3D mobile network coverage

lead by Ericsson

Achieving coverage for wireless services everywhere, anytime, and for any good purpose has been a long-standing quest for cellular networks. As society becomes more dependent on mobile networks, the push to reach more people and devices increases since it is an essential enabler for digital inclusion, economy digitalization, societal stability, and public safety.  

This panel discusses several key topics around extending today’s terrestrial mobile network services into the digital 3D airspace by means of 6G terrestrial and non-terrestrial system components.  

Industrial players acting in this technical field will share their views on technology options, use cases, opportunities, benefits, and challenges.  

Moderator: Morgan Lindqvist, Researcher Digital Airspace, Ericsson

Daniel Tisljarec, CTO/CSO, Teracom
Caterina Lindhom, Program Manager Advanced Air Mobility, Saab
Cicek Cavdar, Associate Professor, KTH
Erik Nordell, Research Leader Non Terrestrial Networks, Ericsson