Day 1: 18 Oct at 09:10-09:15 INTRODUCTORY NOTE

Aida Hadžialić is elected Mayor of Metropolitan Stockholm and President of the Stockholm Regional Council. Region Stockholm is responsible for all publicly financed healthcare and public transport in Stockholm County. Region Stockholm is also responsible for other overall issues within the county, such as regional planning and cultural subsidies.

1992, when Aida Hadzialic was five years old, she came to Sweden with her Bosnian family as refugees from the Bosnian War. She grew up in Halmstad, where she also served as a municipal commissioner from 2010 to 2014.

On October 3, 2014, she was appointed as a Minister in the Ministry of Education, responsible for secondary education and adult education initiatives. At that time, Hadzialic was 27 years and 255 days old, becoming Sweden’s youngest minister in history. Hadzialic has a Law degree from the University of Lund, specialising in European law and Swedish public law, and has also studied at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Day 2: 19 Oct at 09:10-09:15 INTRODUCTORY NOTE

Olle Burell is President of the Stockholm City Council and Board member of the  Swedish National Day Foundation and of Stockholms Byggnadsförening.

Olle Burell is a Social Democrat politician and was a school mayor in the City of Stockholm from 2014 to 2018. Burell was also chairman of the Education Committee and SISAB and a member of the Church Council. In 2019 he was stepping down as an opposition councillor to return to architecture. He was federal secretary of the Brotherhood Movement from 2001 to 2004.

Olle has a Master’s in Architecture from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and has left a lasting impression as an architect in Nykvarn, where he designed apartment buildings, and in Södermalm, where he is responsible for the design of the ash cemetery at Maria Magdalena Cemetery.