Narges Ahmidi

Department Head »Reasoned AI Decisions« at Fraunhofer IKS


Trustworthiness of AI: Are there rulers to measure?

What criteria and assessments must AI developers adhere to in order to claim that their AI system is dependable, secure, and safe, as demanded by regulatory agencies, notified bodies, and industry leaders? Are developers permitted to establish their own evaluation methods and procedural tests to gauge trustworthiness, or is there a specific procedure that must be followed to assert the trustworthiness of AI accurately? This talk focuses on addressing these inquiries from the European Union (EU) perspective.


Dr. Narges Ahmidi studied Artificial Intelligence and medical robotics at the Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA.

After completion of her PhD, she founded and directed the »AI for Patient Diagnosis and Treatment« research laboratory at the Helmholtz Munich Center, Institute for Computational Biology (ICB). She then joined Fraunhofer IKS as Head of the Department of »Reasoned AI Decisions«. In parallel, she holds an adjunct faculty position at the JHU Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare and a group leader position at ICB.

Her research focus is on trustworthy AI, especially on causally-informed predictive models, reliable decision support for both humans and AI, and validation metrics geared towards expert user expectations.